Work Package 7

Tuesday 5 June 2012
by  daubin
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Coordinators: Guy Perrière, Laurent Duret (LBBE)

Contributions: PRABI, all members


WP1-6 will require considerable methodological developments linked with fundamental research in their respective domains (phylogenetics, metabolomics and regulatory networks, etc.). But significant technical developments are also required in this project, and a first part will focus on the construction strategies for the gene families databases used as the main data source in this project. We will define a procedure to select a representative set of organisms useful for the biological studies planned in the framework of the project and improve the quality of sequence alignments available in the databases. A second part of technical developments will be required to integrate the complex data and the results produced all along the project. This environment will include database systems and the associated tools required for their maintenance, but also on-line graphical interfaces allowing easy access to the data for prospective users.