Work Package 1

Tuesday 5 June 2012
by  daubin
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Coordinators: V. Daubin and B. Boussau (LBBE).

Contributions: ISEM

The objectives of WP1 will be realized in two phases:

  1. Providing well-defined species trees along with high quality gene phylogenies and reconciliations that will allow an accurate reconstruction of ancestral genome contents, to be used in WP3-6. The results of this first phase will be readily available from the databases developed in WP7.
  2. Use the information on gene order, protein interactions, and all other aspects of genome evolution shown to be relevant in WP3-6 to further ameliorate the model of species tree/gene tree reconstruction and implement this method. We will also study the usefulness of our hierarchical model to applications above and below the genome level, such as microbial communities (metagenomes) or gene structure (protein domains). These improvements will use the methodological developments of WP2.